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Ex Libris 2012: Odysseus Travel in the myth

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“And they lived happily ever after”; this often happens in fairy tales, so it’s time for us to put an end to our “adventure”. But we would be pleased to find solutions that allow us to continue, without breaking a recurring appointment for the Ex Libris and short story lovers. Perhaps this may be possible by inserting, for the first time in the life of our association, a registration fee for the international contest “The Enchanted Wood”. Usually, an event or a prize may become international in time, in our case instead was immediately characterized as international award.
The international contest started in 2000 with the great “festival of Swiss roots in Langhe“, with a section of paintings, sculptures, short stories and murals. It has been a continuous growth and we are very proud of that.
In 2004, thanks to Rossella Magliano and don Giusto Truglia, the contest arrives to the Ex Libris with a strong relationship with Remo Palmirani who has been an exceptional promoter even if for a short time because of his untimely death. In Italy, Russia, Turkey, France and Lithuania as in China, Argentina, Germany and Japan our invitations have arrived and we have received a lot of significant answers.
If the “Book's international salon” in Turin is dedicated to “green economy”, it is noteworthy that “The Enchanted Wood” is not only art and culture, but it is also territorial defense. The land belongs to everyone, from mountaintops to the valley, because the boundaries do not exist and it must continue to live. Everything perishes, but the richness of the forest in all its forms (flora, fauna, landscape, environmental resource, tourism and the magic of short stories and ex libris) continues to live.
And now we come to the edition “Odysseus, journey into myth”. We received many Ex Libris and this year also novels in dialect of Abruzzo and an idiom from Venezuela (wayuunaiki). Odysseus (Ulysses) is the symbol of the immigrant or just the traveler in search of new discoveries. He represents the paradigm of the irrepressible human desire to travel around the world looking for adventure and knowledge. But perhaps more important is the trip back home. It is during the return journey that the maturation of the traveler takes place, just after having completed the tasks for which he had left.
Past and present make sense in anticipation of a future that is a synthesis of everything that happened before, of every experience. It is no longer the house from which he started, but it is a place that holds the world the traveler has known and all the experiences he lived. Usually they talk about the route to a destination, while saying little or nothing about the return trip or about the hope to travel. We think these two aspects are very important and significant too. The voyage of Ulysses to Troia lasted three months. His stay lasted ten years because of war, and his return trip home lasted another 10 years.
In conclusion, we must thank all the artist and novelists who wanted to participate to this initiative, hoping to count again on their precious collaboration next time.
Lina e Tommaso Lo Russo


Contest Winners

1st Prize:

Paolo Rovegno

2st Prize:

Rosario Amato

3st Prize:

Rejane Véron


Short Stories Winners

1st Prize:

Stefania Apeddu

Istituto d’Istruzione Superiore “G. Manno”  Alghero


2st Prize:

Sara Petroni

Scuola Media Statale “Ferruccio Parri”  Roma


2st Prize ex aequo:

Sara Buttarelli

Scuola Media Statale “Ferruccio Parri” Roma


3st Pri :

Sergio Tonon




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