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All Il Bosco Stregato and Rosa in Giallo's catalogues  are available here for the download, together with the notices of competition



- Rosa in Giallo e Noir -




- Il Bosco Stregato -


  • Download the 2017 edition catalogue "The Jungle Book and The Disney World"

  • Download the 2016 edition catalogue "Alice in Wonderland"




  • Download the 2015 edition catalogue "The Best Friends"

  • Download the 2014 edition catalogue "In the Sign of the Poet: Gabriele D'Annunzio"



  • Download the 2012 edition catalogue "Odysseus Travel in the myth"

  • Download the 2012 short stories's catalogue




  • Download the catalog "The esotericism"




  • Download the 2010 edition catalogue "The Myths Legends and Fairy of Enchanted Woods"

  • Download the 2010 short stories's catalogue "The magic mountain"




  • Download the 2009 edition catalogue "The God Tammuz"

  • Download the 2009 short stories's catalogue




  • Download the 2008 edition catalogue "The Sleeping Beauty"

  • Download the 2008 short stories's catalogue




  • Download the 2007 edition catalogue "Little Red Riding Hood"

  • Download the 2007 short stories's catalogue



  • Download the 2004 edition catalogue "Il Bosco Stregato"