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Death of a dreamer: In memory of Robert Turlà

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Roberto Turlà

The life is a calling card (especially if you are an exlibris lover). When you are born, a leaflet will tell the world that you were born, and everyone will say that you are beautiful and intelligent even if you're not. A host of other sheets will scan all more or less important stages, until the last race of life meets death.

If you believe, you will can hope to live in another dimension, or if you are agnostics, but they have children, they will be the extension of the yours life that continues through them. So happens for all.

For Robert Turlà is not so, because he claimed that "who loves art lives twice”. Now he is living his second life, but not as a projection of the others, but precisely his (second) and I imagine him always, even ironic, without disproving himself, even when the "lady" came to get him. To this writer, it's good that it is so, and who has the right to a second life, serene, without pain.In the many contacts we have had jokingly I called him Holiness and he in return, always in jest, called me his favorite disciple. If I were (but I like to think) I do not know. Certainly he had many disciples (including return) attracted by his deep knowledge of art (acquired by himself) with unwavering commitment, the relentless researcher, lover of beauty that art expresses in all its forms, always accompanied by her subtle sarcasm that spiced the moments of life.

For him, art was like his need for mouth-watering recipes that offered to all of us.

The merit of having known him I owe it to several friends: Remo Palmirani who organized an exhibition in Modica, at the Art Gallery, the "Queen of Diamonds" that spoke enthusiastically of Modica, of the Gallery and Robert Turlà; another, a few years later was Carlo Sanvitale, President of Projects Farnesiani of the beautiful Ortona and again Pavel Hlavaty and Pierre Lindner, already winners of the Enchanted Woods Contest. Perhaps, more people talked me about, but those mentioned have been decisive because I called Robert Turlà and it was an instinctive friendship, instantaneous, immediate, made of harmonies that they did not need anything to restituted, reinforced by  many calls until such time as I met him in September 2008, directly in Modica - one of the seven wonders of Italy to be saved - for organizing an exhibition of the Enchanted Woods Contest with him.

Unfortunately there were no others.

I remember, as if now, ( like now) when I saw him for the first time in the historical center of Modica Ibla was how the meeting in the "house of the Woods" and commitment, made of looks and so many words, beleaguered by haste (unknowing and unconscious) to design together, forever. There's only the regret for not having met before, in a continuum, made even simple smiles that warm the soul and remained projects, forever, the heart and soul.

Killed at 60, from the evil of the century, Robert was a great cultural worker in the city of Modica and founded the mythical association “The Queen of Diamonds" in the 80s, with opening of his art gallery in the historic center of the city where they were welcomed and presented, many of the emerging artists from all over Europe.

Although he acted autonomously self-taught, it was equipped with an incredible enthusiasm with much imagination and wit. Turlà has also organized the exhibition "Black and White" which became a reference point for graphics. Among the initiatives promoted by him, even publishing a monthly magazine dedicated to the art and the start of the first nucleus of the museum "The two matrices" that the Great collector wanted to allocate to the gallery for graphics, but whose design has not gone in port, due to his untimely death.

In the words of Jonathan Swift, Vision is the art of seeing and dreaming things that others do not see and Robert Turlà has dreamed all.

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