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Associazione Onlus Solstizio d'estate


Name Search is always important. In our case, the Summer Solstice (is a festival of knowledge and flavor you want to meet all people). As often it happens, to understand its meaning must resort to the Latin "Sol statio" and say: "Stop, stop the Sun". Summer Solstice, coincides with the longest day in which the sun is at the greatest distance from the equator and takes place on 20/21 June (except that there may be depends on the rotation of the earth which registered 5 hours of difference every year ) and coincides with the 'beginning of summer; while the 20/21 December, represents the 'beginning of winter and the longest night of the year, for daylight hours. All peoples and cultures, but also many writers, they are passionate about the longest day of the year and made it a magical feast, because this date begins with the awakening of the fields that ensure the continuation of life. But if an association like ours has chosen to call the Summer Solstice, could not deny that the Winter, enough to dedicate an edition of the competition the Enchanted Woods with the "god Tammuz" which is equivalent to the hymn seasons change and winter chasing the spring as well as the night chasing the day and vice versa. We celebrate the Solstice with the International Competition the Enchanted Woods whichis another dimension, a dip in the memory of stories, fables and stories that all people have dedicated to the world of the imagination and that can be found, often identical, in different parts of the Globo. For the real part (non-magical), but Woods is not just this, is the defense of the territory that needs everyone to continue to live, in a sinuous journey infinite, from the tops of the mountains to the sea, because the borders do not exist .

But if magic and Solstice go hand in hand, a wonderful triangulation occurs including the esoteric world and that's why our association has dedicated a catalog esotericism in Ex Libris.
Summer Solstice and the International Competition the Enchanted Woods are not only Ex Libris and Short Novels, painting, sculpture and mosaics, as well as panel discussions on important issues and on the enhancement of the marginal areas.
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