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#ExlibristiDelBosco: Vladimir Veraschagin

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Vladimir Vereschagin

Vladimir Veraschagin, citing Veniamin Khudoley - famous bookplater and president of the XXVII Congress in Leningrad, "life is a game, so why not think about the cards produced by an artist, to remain in the axes company? After all, even collecting bookplate is inherent an element of risk and passion. "
This is his life philosophy that drives him to make fun himself  and other, good-naturedly and to joke because life should be taken with much humor and irony.

Viadimir Vereschagin was born in 1949 on the shores of Lake Onega, the second in Northern Russia, in the Province of Arkhangel on the White Sea. From there, in 1951 his family moved to the city that often changes name and today is once again St. Petersburg, the most fascinating of the Russian metropolis.

He engraves his first bookplates in 1975 and since then he has made more than 350. Vereschagin has participated in numerous competitions and exhibitions of ex libris and free graphics, in all parts of the world, winning prizes and awards in Italy (1989 and 2016 ), Czech Republic (1990), France (1994), Russia (2000), Germany (2003), Greece (2005) and at Ex Libris Centre of Sint Nikolas, Belgium (1987, 1988, 1993). Awarded by the F.I.S.A.E. with the certificate of honor 'Albin Bninousky' for his artistic activities in support of the graphics, his works are exhibited all over the world.

He lives in Tsarkoje Selo, in the suburbs of St. Petersburg Historic District and is a member of the 'Union of Russian Artists, the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg and the ASBC & D.

He was Among the first engravers Russians to participate in the XXIII Congress F.I.S.A.E, where he brings the ex libris of St. Petersburg.

This engraver was also one of the first artists of his land to be included in the Bibliographic Encyclopedia of Ex Libris Contemporaries. Vereschagin engraved the first five sheets of Linocut, and then try with lithography (three plates) and with the Mezzotint for the series on the cards. However, the artist prefers the etching and aquatint with the addition of hand coloring for specimens to be displayed in the exhibitions. The hand coloring makes his works more suggestive.

If life is a game, he could not but engage in the complete set of playing cards in the bookplate format that attracts collectors

His Works

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