Concorso Internazionale Il Bosco Stregato-Rosa in Giallo

Shades of mystery between reality, illusion, misunderstanding and enigma

News: Following a kind request, the deadline of the Call has been extended to 30 April 2022.


Are mystery fictions, thrillers and noirs three variations of the same genre?  Truth be told, the differences are significant. The contrast between good and bad in mystery fiction narrative is marked, in noir much less, in fact, here chiaroscuro is the foundational element, further still, in thrillers, we see highlighted aspects of suspense and terror.

Interpreting the world of crime becomes the way in which we represent, in narrative form, the present-day; our anxieties and obsessions, where every so often reality exceeds fiction. 

With fiction, as with reality, the search for clues, traces and proof becomes urgent, paving the way to resolve and clarify mysteries; mystery fiction is a window with a view on reality.

With this in mind, "Il Bosco Stregato" makes its comeback on stage with a new important news: it's born"Rosa in Giallo”  the new section dedicated to the mystery fiction literature, with three sections:

  • 1-Mystery fiction.
  • 2-Mystery fiction translations.
  • 3-Ex Libris.



We thank you for your attention and wish you a happy participation!