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#ExlibristiDelBosco: Ryszard Baloń

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Ryszard  Baloń was born in 1944 in Narkuszki (Polonia)  and now living in  Stargard . He was graduated from High School of Art in Szczecin and the Higher Pedagogical School in Opole. In 1987, he co-creates, and then directs the Nationwide Group Graphic Artists Grafex. In 1992, he was a founding member SSMSP BRAMA, headed for two years and is linked to today. He practices painting, drawing, printmaking and of computer graphics for digital art (CGD)

He operates in the field of art education and since 2011 he belongs to the Polish Artists Union.

Baloń has realized many Exibition, both personal and collective. He has received Prizes and awards in many parts of the world, for example: just since 1979 with third prize for painting at the Festival of Arts Teacher, Leszno; in 1983 Second prize on the National Competition for Ex libris School, Warsaw and Third prize at the International Competition for Ex libris, Lublin; in 2005 Third prize in the competition for Ex libris Main Library of Medical University of Gdansk; in 2010 and 2011 prizes and awards in the competition graphic "Flora and Fauna" at the World Exhibition of Art Gravatá - Gallery Contratalla, Tarragona, Spain; in 2012   Award of the Prezydent of Stargard for its activities on the development of culture and dissemination of art and culture and First prize in the International Competition Graphic - Rauf Denktaş - Ankara, Turkey; In 2014 First Prize at the International Competition of Graphic "Thumbnail" - Parana (Argentina) and II Prize at Bodio Lomnago and IV Prizes at The International Contest The Enchanted Woods (Il Bosco Stregato).

His Artworks


Exlibris Ryszard Baloń


Exlibris Ryszard Baloń


Exlibris Ryszard Baloń


Exlibris Ryszard Baloń


Exlibris Ryszard Baloń


Exlibris Ryszard Baloń


Exlibris Ryszard Baloń


Exlibris Ryszard Baloń


Exlibris Ryszard Baloń

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