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Silvana Martinescu Exlibris


Silvana Martignoni was born in Busto Arsizio, she attended the Art High School and the “Brera” Academy of Fine Arts in Milan with her final thesis on the “visionary” poet and engraver William Blake. Later she specialized in engraving techniques at Urbino .

Since the early years of her artistic activity she focused her interest on the purest engraving techniques (drypoint, mezzotint, etching, etc..). She has a passion for mezzotint (graining the plate with rocker only), an ancient technique that lends itself to her design, subtle, strong and decisive , enriched in tonal values close to painting.

In general she has many solo exhibitions and numerous participations in all the major graphic international events, obtaining prizes and honorable mentions. In 1983 she was awarded first prize in the XXII edition of the Joan Mirò International Drawing Award from the Fundació Joan Mirò in Barcelona. In 2016 she is winner as ”Excelence work” in the “2ndJogja International Miniprint Biennale (JMB) 2016” Yogyakarta,Indonesia.

In the recent years she approaches the Ex Libris World, taking part in  numerous and qualifying international events:

  • Major Ex Libris awards: 2013 “Ju Qi Cup,
  • The 1st International Prints & Exlibris EXPO  Shanghai, China: awarded “Bronze prize” in 2013
  • 7° Concorso Internazionale ex libris Biblioteca di Bodio Lomnago”,Varese,Italy: awarded “ 3rd prize and honourable mention”;
  • The 3rd Guangzhou International Exlibris and Mini print Biennial 2014” China: awarded “Excellent Exlibris” in 2014; 
  • The 8th International Exlibris Fu Xian Zhai, Shanghai”, China: awarded “Excellent Exlibris”;
  • 2015 “Chang Zhou Wu Jin,The 1st International Prints & Exlibris EXPO”, China: awarded “Excellent Exlibris”;
  • 2016   “4th Guangzhou International Exlibris and Mini - Prints Biennial 2016”, Cina : awarded “Excellent Mini – Prints” and awarded “Excellent Exlibris”.
  • Jury Report at the Ex Libris International Competition "The Enchanted Woods" in the 2014, 2015 and 2016 editions.

Her Artwork:












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Marius Martinescu was born in Romania in 1965 and currently lives in Paris, after obtaining his diploma in Fine Arts in 1985 in Bucharest, graduating in 1997. He has been awarded for two consecutive years (2000 to 2001 ) by the 'Elisabeth Greenshields Foundation (Montreal, Quebec, Canada), as “one of the most prestigious grants available to emerging figurative artists”, and in 2003 he became a resident of the US on the basis of exceptional ability in the arts.

He began to engrave in 1995, participating in the "International Competition The World of Ex-Libris", Belgrade. Unlike many contemporary artists the Martinescu bookplates reveal a personal style based on the interpretation of the original of the chosen themes.

His works have been exhibited in several countries, the artist reveals a unique passion for the art of the human form, quoting his own words, "always developing the image around the human spirit, trying to link the image with "the invisible world of the imagination" that can be revealed by the eyes, the hands and the heart of the artist." Many of his bookplates are influenced by the teachings of the Renaissance, where the symbolism, the role of the depth in a press through the perspective linear and glimpse, and the sfumato technique, enhance the realism of the faces and figures were paramount.

He has participated in several competitions and won numerous awards, of which:

  • The aforementioned Elizabeth Greenshields Art Award in 2000/2001,
  • The special award in the sixth edition of the international competition of Ex Libris Library Di Bodio Lomnago "Cinema, The Dream Machine" in 2011,
  • and the third prize is an exhibition organized on the 36th FISAE Congress, is the latest edition of our competition (Alice in Wonderland 2016)

His Artwork

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Born in Bucharest, Romania, in 1972, she became interested  to the incision since the high school where she studied different artistic styles, and graduated in 1997.

Elena Hlodec not only excels in the art of engraving, but also masterfully expresses in painting techniques that have their roots in the Italian tradition that had its greatest exponents in Giotto and Botticelli, but also European and Byzantine: egg tempera.

The beauty of dyes and minerals and natural pigments with the use of ancient techniques and the ancient and millenary knowledge due to the work and discipline and love for painting that Elena interprets in his own way. If the craft Painter have often been replaced by the gray crusts of synthetic media, this is not the case for Hlodec that respects the best traditions and keeps it alive and present.

From 2003-2010, she lived and worked in New York, where she exhibited his works in three art exhibitions in the gallery "A-forest" after working in the restoration of ancient works of art. She returned to Paris in 2011, improving her technique developing a new printing technique on gold paper, for using in the restoration of ancient books and manuscripts. In 2012 participates in the international competition of exlibris organized by FISAE in Finland, with a technique invented for the occasion: to engrave her ex libris giving the desired shape to the copper plate in order to improve the visual content, the text to introduce its printing technique with the gold leaf.

She has participated in many exhibitions and competitions, among which:

  • The International Competition in Belgrade, Serbia in 1995, the sixth edition of the international competition of Ex Libris Library of Bodio Lomnago "Cinema, The Dream Machine" in 2011;
  • she won the first prize in the 3rd edition of the international competition "Lívio de Gravura Abraham (Brazil 2014)";
  • the second Prize to DEG Graphics competition 2015 (Ex Libris Anke Polenz) and the XXXIV Congress FISAE, in 2013; then she participate in the edition 2016 of our competition (Alice in Wonderland)

Her Artwork

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Exlibris Marina Teradus


The artist was born in Angarsk (Irkutsk), Russia in 1961 and soon moved to Latvia, where she spent many years and graduated (MFA) from the University of Fine Arts of Latvia in Riga. Artist multifaceted, an a outstanding specializing in etching, mezzotint, aquatint and drypoint.
Terauds’ work is full of beautiful detail, faint color, and a wide variety of subject matters. Every print contains its own mystery, identity, and stylistic elements. Terauds’ viewers and collectors have a great appreciation for her uniqueness and spiritual alchemy.
Terauds received her Master degree in printmaking from the Latvian Academy of Arts. She has been a recipient of many awards and recognition including the Medal of the 3 rd Biennale of Ex Libris in Grudziadz, Poland in 1993; 1st prize of International Exhibition of Small Graphic Art in Beius, Romania in 1994; 1st prize of International Exibition of Ex Libris Ciurlionis-120 in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1996; and most recently Best in Category at the Perrysburg Art Fair Ohio in 2005.
Terauds’ solo exhibitions include Sasel Haus in Gramburg, Germany in 1994 and 1995; Gallery of Graphic Arts in Tokyo, Japan in 1999; and Starkweather Gallery in Romeo, Michigan. Terauds has also exhibited in many group exhibitions including the International Ex Libris Biennale in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2005; International Contemporary Engraving Biennial in Romania in 2005; International Ex Libris Biennale in Sint-Niklass, Belgium in 2003; and the V Graphic Art Biennale, Dry Point in Uzice, Yugoslavia in 2002.
Art lovers will appreciate the unique style and perfect technique of engraving that, over the centuries, is also perpetuated by the hands of Marina Terauds.

Her  Artwork


Marina Teradus Marina Teradus
Marina Teradus Marina Teradus
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