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Enchanted Woods Contest 2017 Edition: The Jungle Book and The Disney Word

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Bosco Stregato 2017 Jungle Book/Disney Word Edition

On the anniversary of 150 years since the birth of the English writer Rudyard Kipling we want to dedicate the new theme to his novel “The Jungle Book” that caught the imagination of many children of yesteryear, and to the Disney word, in homage to Walt Disney for the 50th anniversary of his death. 
In the hope that they continue to make modern people dream, people who live in the computer age. They shall take on the new theme of Ex Libris and Short stories, offering their key reading and their own interpretation.
For those who are not very young, we are sure that the memory of this novels are still alive and exciting. The concept and educational message of the authors has not lost their validity and are still intact and not scratched by time passing relentlessly.

The works must be received by April 30, 2017

Let's recall the regolation for this edition:

1)     All the artistic techniques are allowed.

2)    The Ex Libris should be made payable to the Solstizio d’Estate. Each artist can submit up to five works each played in five copies and signed on the back of each work will appear indicating:

  •          title,
  •          name,
  •          surname,
  •          adress,
  •          technique,
  •          year of execution.

                Attach resume and e-mail.

3)    The works must have a maximum size of 19x15 cm, the paper size must not exceed 21x29 cm.  All exlibris sent by email will  be rejected.

4)    The short stories should not exceed 7 folders and must be sent by email using the entry form and in paper copy to Solstizio d’Estate Onlus, including:

  •          name, surname and adress of the author,
  •          brief curriculum vitae,
  •          e-mail.

5)    The jury’s decision is final.

6)    The winners of the Ex Libris are required a print run of 40 copies of the work awarded.

7)    The works will remain in the availability of Solstizio d'Estate Onlus non-profit organization and will not be returned.

8)    It will be a printed catalog or DVD that will be sent to each participating artist who will require it. The expenses will be charged by the recipient.

9)  Participation in this competition implies acceptance of these regulations.

Contest awards

Unpublished Section

1st Prize:

800 €


2nd Prize:



3rd Prize:



Special Prize for Schools:



 Published Section:

1°st Prize



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The competition was promoted in a press conference at the XXIX edition of the International Book Fair of Turin 2016

We thank you for your attention and wish you a happy participation.

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Comments (9)

  • For Answering to some frequent questions:

    1) The exlibris must be sent to this adress:

    Associazione Solstizio d’Estate - Festival dei Saperi e dei Sapori Onlus
    Via Lupiano, 7 - 12050 Bosia (CN) - Italy

    2) "The ex Libris should be made payable to the Solstizio d'estate" mean that these artwork have been created for our contest, and the write "soltizio d'estate onlus" on the exlibris will be the unequivocal evidence.

    You can see many example in our gallery section.

    3) The partecipation to the contest is free,

    4) The themes of the competition are: "The Jungle Book" and/or "The Disney Word". Every artist can choose one of these or both.

    We remember that all exlibris sent by e-mail, will not be considered

    For other question, this is the rigth space.

    Kindly Regards.

    Comment last edited on about 1 month ago by Tommaso Lo Russo
  • Guest - Hasip Pektas

    Congratulates. I wish big success. HP

  • Guest - Nyrel Saunders

    I am unable to upload my biography please advise.

  • Hi Nyrel, please fill out this form.


  • Guest - Niels

    If i'm sending my works by email, what i should notify?

  • Hi Niels, as reported in our regolation, we don't accept artkworks sent by mail.

    Our Jury needs a paper version, thanks.


  • Guest - Mari

    What format should the "Resume" file be and what should it contain? Should this be a portfolio?
    Thank you

  • Hi Mari,

    A pdf or a word file should be fine, if you prefer you ca send it to info@boscostregato.com.
    Sorry the the late to answere you.


  • Guest - Foolish

    This is very nice

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Buongiorno Garbriella,

Come riportato nella mail di risposta, il modulo è lo stesso.

Hi Mari,

A pdf or a word file should be fine, if you prefer you ca send it to info@boscostregato....
Guest - Foolish
Guest - gabriella cavaliere
se partecipano studenti liceali il modulo d'iscrizione è differente?
Guest - Mari
What format should the "Resume" file be and what should it contain? Should this be a portfol...

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