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Short Stories 2010: The Magic Mountain

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Novelle Bosco Stregato, La montagna magica


Dawn wakes up, scatters gems of dew on her tender
wedding dresses. The spider embroiders with light threads the quilt air
of butterfly wings.
They dance on the lawn the colors of flowers, insects sing slight
symphonies,  raise and mix iridescent flights in the delicate watercolor
Here the boisterous and joyful stream, brings fresh and crystalline greeting
crystalline of rocks and snow; the earth receives, soft lap
nice, small stones the water's refusal.
The forest comes alive with rumors of branches intertwine talk
by old ladies.
And the wind is coming strong and vigorous, comes and whispers to
young bride ... explodes the festival, the sun becomes inflamed, blaze
garrulous nature: the wind dawn you take with itself


Laura Appignanesi

Short Stories Winners

1st Prize:

Domenico Rinaudi

"Il Demone della Montagna"

2st Prize:

Nina Lari

"La Montagna dei Sogni"

3st Prize:

Antonio Papalia

"La Montagna nella Nuvola"

1st Prize ex aecquo:

Donatella Taverna


"Racconto a colori"

2st Prize ex aecquo:

Sara Petroni

Scuola F.Parri, Roma 

"La Montagna Magica"

3st Prize ex aequo:

Andrea Rosso

Liceo Giolitti, Bra

"Il Peso di una Lacrima"

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